Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, especially the ones who read more than my blog, they apparently can also read my mind... (TW, get out of my head, girl, hehe!)

This is the closest I have to a turkey costume for Cloud, he's not really the clothes wearing type, other than his hoodie for outside excursions during a brutal Midwest winter day. As you can see, he was too embarrassed to look at me, but was compensated with treats, so we're good now.

Oh, Hai
"Oh Hai! You gonna eat all that turkey???"
Benny has his Thanksgiving "game face" on.
Who am I kidding, this is his normal expression, Lol.

Oh, and the flowered wallpaper? My studio was a childs room before we bought the house and we haven't gotten around to remodeling it yet. I actually kind of like it... :-)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we are so blessed!


INDIGENE said...

Right back at you! Hope it was a wonderful day!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Those photos are entirely too cute. Love that expression.
We bought our house over a year ago and my studio is the only room that remains original. It was a girls room too but way back in the 50's/60's!

marnie vollenhals said...

Love his Turkey feathers, he is so cute.

Anonymous said...

These two are so adorable...what sweeties!