Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bittersweet works in progress

I was contacted by a fellow blogger about portraits of two of her Abyssinian cats who had passed away - Sen-Chan in 2009, and very recently, her beloved Yuu-Chan.

The portraits are both 12 x 12 inches, oil on canvas. I've started with a monochromatic underpainting. This is Sen-Chan:

And this is Yuu-Chan:

I'm blocking in the color on Yuu-Chan in this photo. Once that's finished, I'll go back and refine and add detail. Still lots of work to do. I love the colors, and the backlit ears:

I'm honored to be chosen to paint these two gorgeous, and very loved companions. I love being able to create art that has such meaning for someone, art that brings a smile and helps to ease the pain of loss. I know that the portrait I painted of my dog Benny has been a great comfort to me since he passed last year.

Her blog is called The Poupounette and it's one of the most charming blogs I've ever read. When I have time, I plan to go back and read it through to the very beginning.

Stay tuned for more progress on the portraits...
Until then,

Much love,