Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Need a good laugh?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my painting of Nigel Buggers from Life With Dogs, start here to get the story.

After the auction, there was a demand for prints, so I made a limited editi0n of 40 with 50% of the total price going to the rescue group. What happened next has put a huge grin on my face that hasn't come off for weeks! People who bought the prints (affectionately called Flat Nigel) started taking pictures of him in funnier and funnier situations. There was even a celebrity sighting!

See for yourself:


(Be sure to click the link in the first paragraph as well, which will take you to more funny pictures of Flat Nigel's adventures.)

Words cannot describe how it feels as an artist to a. have people appreciate your work, b. see them having so much fun with it, and c. to know it's helped raise desperately needed funds for a very worthy cause (well over a thousand dollars so far, which includes donations, auction of the original painting, and print sales!)

This whole experience has been amazing to be part of. I can't thank Nigel's fans enough for their generosity, creativity and wonderful sense of FUN!

Much love,