Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happiness is another Rat Terrier painting

This is Hawk, and I am so excited to be painting his portrait! Hawk is owned by Marnie Vollenhals, who is a wonderful artist from Texas. She paints sweet and whimsical illustrations that feature the adventures of Hawk and his friends. Hawk even has his own space rocket! I have him sketched out here, such a handsome fellow. For those of you wondering why his ears don't look like my dog Cloud's, some Rat Terriers ears stick straight up and some are floppy. This is going to be 8 x 10 acrylic on Ampersand Gessoboard. Can't wait to get started painting!

I am proud to be the owner of this original painting by Marnie titled 'Hawk wants a gumball.' I just love her work, it's so happy and makes you feel good. Check her out - you can find her work on Etsy and on her blog.


marnie vollenhals said...

Wow! Thanks Kathleen for the great post and telling your friends about my work. I can't wait to see the finished product of Hawk.

Nikki Martin said...

Very cool. I can't wait to see the final product!

Me-Me King said...

So cute! You paint very well - so talented.