Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marley and Gracie

Marley, 4 x 4 inch oil on panel
© 2013 Kathleen Coy

I took a week long workshop with Karin Jurick last year, and one of the days she had us painting mugshots on small 4 x 4 inch panels. I enjoyed painting faces that size so much that I've done a few pets, (you can find them here and here.) Marley and Gracie are the latest, both commissions.

Gracie, 4 x 4 inch oil on panel
© 2013 Kathleen Coy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Turkey Skull Study, and a trip to South Dakota

Turkey Skull Study, 6 x 6 inch oil on panel.
© 2013 Kathleen Coy

Painted from life. I find skulls to be beautiful - a reminder that we are more than what we see as our physical bodies, and that our time in these bodies is limited. They are a great study tool as well, if you have an interest in anatomy. 

We took our first trip to South Dakota last month, visiting the Badlands and staying in Custer State Park. I fell in love with the landscape, and all the critters. Took lots of photos of bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and elk. Can't wait to paint them! Here are a few photos from the trip: