Thursday, January 28, 2010

New art - Red Cloud

Red Cloud 18 x 24" acrylic on canvas
© 2010 Kathleen Coy

This painting was an experiment in the use of bold color in a dog portrait, and I'm quite happy with it. The strong color needed a strong and unusual pose to balance it - so once again, here is my rat terrier Cloud modeling for me. This is my largest dog painting to date - 18 x 24 inches. You can see some of the texture throughout if you click the picture to enlarge it.

This is a rather unconventional dog portrait, and I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Newest work - Bobcat Summer

Bobcat Summer
14 x 11" acrylic on Ampersand Gessoboard
© 2010 Kathleen Coy

In the midst of the coldest winter in recent years, it's Bobcat Summer in my studio. This painting was inspired by the evening sunlight that shines through my front window in mid-summer. It magically transforms everything into a shimmering golden glow.

I photographed this gorgeous bobcat at the zoo (in normal daylight.) I've never seen one in the wild, but they are becoming more numerous in these parts, so I hope to someday.

I always mix my own black, but did not use any black in this painting. The dark areas are Raw Umber. I love the texture throughout the piece, it lends a feeling of the cat being among boulders or a cliff wall, almost a part of them, and which (true to his secretive nature) he may disappear into at any moment. Thank you Manon Doyle for your wonderful molding paste tutorial. I'm hooked on the stuff now! :-)