Friday, September 12, 2008

30 days of happiness - day 16

Happiness is:
Looking deep into my pets eyes. Sometimes it's like you're looking into the mysteries of the Universe, other times it's mirroring your own love and adoration back at you and still others...are more like a vacant 'huh?' But whatever the look, I can always count on a boost to my spirits with each gaze of their (usually) loving eyes. If you've lived with a cat then you understand the "usually" part.

30 days of happiness day 16
This is Boomer, she is 15 years old. She is H.R.H. The Queen of the Universe.

30 days of happiness day 16
My little Rat Terrier Cloud. The best little dog in the world. I was playing around with this photo and really liked how this perspective shows the depth of love in his eyes. He's so emotional. I love you Cloud!

30 days of happiness day 16
My good 'ole Benny Bean. He will be 14 in November. Although we're going through some challenges with his old age, when I look at that sweet face and see how happy he is with simple pleasures - the breeze blowing on his face, a good meal, a comfy pillow and a pat on the head - I am happy too, (and grateful for the lesson on being in the moment) and want to do my best to keep him comfortable and loved for a long time.

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