Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I'm not sure what happened to my blogging frequency compared to previous years. Somewhere along the way I had days where it felt more like work than fun and I needed a break. And of course, when you get out of the habit of something, the longer you wait, the harder it is to start back up.

Facebook may be another culprit... it's so quick and easy to post pics and updates there. Question: Is facebook is making blogging obsolete? People seem to want quick info these days, and it can be hard to find time to read (and write!) long blog posts.

But in the end, blogs and facebook are two different animals. There's a lot I miss about the blogging world, and feel it's time to reenter.

Due to my lack of posts this year, it may look like I haven't been up to much, but in truth I've been pretty busy with my art. One of the things I've been having fun painting is still life's. Here's a still life I painted of some of my husband's pottery. Shino is a type of glaze.

Shino, 10 x 8 oil on linen
© 2011 Kathleen Coy

Here's another I painted at a friend's house. She made bronze castings of her face and turned them into art pieces around her home. I thought they were so cool!

Still Life with Cast Bronze, 8 x 8" oil on panel
© 2011 Kathleen Coy

I'm finding that still life paintings are a great exercise to really learn to see colors and form, and is a lot different than working from photos. I'm painting a couple small still life's a week as a way to keep improving my work. We'll see where it takes me.

Cloud is doing great. I can't believe he's 10 years old now. Here's a photo from this morning.


gtyyup said...

I have the same thoughts that you do with FB vs blogging...they conflict in my head, and FB is overwhelming most days.

Glad to see you back here though!!!

Cloud is as cute as ever...but look at the grey hairs around his muzzle...Cindy Sue sends him kisses~

LOL...word verification is hautc...who's the hautc, you or Cloud ;~)

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Welcome back! I figured you musta been busy as a bee:) I think FB makes me blog a bit more. Can't say why though. It's just another way to share experiences I guess. Love the paintings!

Berts Blog said...

Well, we prefer blogging to facebook cause My Vickie considers it like a little diary.

We are glad you are back cause we love your blog.

Bert and My Vickie

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Kathleen
WELCOME BACK. We have missed you :) Your work is amazing as usual. Hope you are well? Please give Cloud a big hug from me.
Blessings from England
Julie xx

Mona Diane Conner said...

Kathleen, so nice to see you pop up on the blog reader, and great too, to see you moving out in all these new directions with your art! The still-lifes are gorgeous, and I love seeing Cloud's picture and knowing he is good too, I love that dog of yours and you too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I actually ended up annihilating my Facebook account due to the shallowness of most status updates and overall messaging that takes place "there". I only blog now because I feel we get to put more into our posts and can share more at a deeper emotional and intellectual level.

I really like the art you have done. I am waiting patiently for the end of the semester when my teaching load subsides and I can devote time once again to pushing paint and reading. Heading up to Iowa for Xmas. The lower Des Moines area. I see you mentioned Loess hills in Iowa. Gorgeous area!!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Welcome back! I rather blog instead of posting on FB all the time. I find I miss many posts on FB whereas in blogs I can read them all through. I do post some Etsy or zazzle items on FB.

Caroline said...

Nice to see you back! Your paintings look great and of course Cloud is as handsome as ever! Will he be blogging too?!!