Thursday, August 28, 2008

30 Days of Happiness

This is going to be fun! Posts every day for 30 days about things that make me happy, from the everyday to the extraordinary. (Of course, every day is extraordinary!) Not only will it be a way of practicing gratitude and appreciation daily, but it will also be a good exercise in creativity, not to mention help me to learn my camera better. It should also get me prepared to see if I can handle another project that's been swimming around in my head for the last few days...

Yes, I will make other posts too. :-)

So here we go, 30 days of happiness - Day 1

Happiness is:

30 days of happiness - day 1
I stayed up waaaaaaay too late last night reading, so my funky mustard colored teakettle seemed a fitting subject to start the 30 days with. :-)

30 days of happiness - day 1
I've been drinking Tazo Earl Grey in the mornings lately. I was drinking jasmine green tea, but now usually prefer the bolder taste of the Earl Grey in the am. The jasmine is my "go-to" tea for the rest of the day, though. The mug matches the teakettle. I didn't really plan it that way, I just like this color.

30 days of happiness - day 1
There it is, a steaming cup of happiness, comfort and wake-up-ness. Ahhhhh...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kat! I decided to check your blog today and I see I've been missing a lot of great photos. I love the hummingbirds! And, poor cardinal... especially since they can be such vain creatures. I thought it quite appropriate that I tuned in on the day you "put on tea." Love the complimentary yellow-orange kettle with the blue flame! Earl Grey is a great choice. Doesn't its name alone suggest robustness? Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

Kathleen Coy said...

Hey Val, funny thing is, I thought about you while I was writing this post. I guess you read my mind? :-)