Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 things that I am loving right now

This maple storage cabinet that hubby is building for me:

This color:

The new Sharpie Pen:

This awesome thrift store find yesterday!
Anyone remember Daria? I LOVED that show!!!
(And especially Jane's brother Trent!)

The smell of this ratatouille as I'm waiting for it to cook down:



Unknown said...

I love those sharpie pens!! The rest of the stuff looks great as well!

take care!

T. Edlin said...

The sharpie pens are my new addiction. I just wish they came in as many colors as my Bic Flairs. Then I'd be in absolute teacher heaven!

Sandy Sandy Art said...

Hey Kathleen! Where can I find the recipe for that dish? Looks FABULOUS!
Gotta get me a Sharpie too! :-D

Julia Guthrie said...

That paint colour sounds LUSH! I am so into earthy reds right now!!!
I have this gorgeous piece of red jasper with all the black flecks in. This sounds kind of gross, but it sort of looks 'meaty' things 'rock'!:)

And YAY for clever woodworking Husbands *grins* Must get Mark to make me some more furniture! hehe

Gary Keimig said...

been using red oxide myself. Is a great color.
Your Cloud portrait came out very nice.

L.Holm said...

Yum! Love these pics. Snapshots into the life of a true creative soul.

gtyyup said...

You're like me...sometime's it really doesn't take much!

Unknown said...

I want that shirt. SO BAD.

Martine said...

DARIA!!!! That's sure is a neat find!

:) martine