Friday, September 19, 2008

30 days of happiness - day 23

30 days of happiness day 23
Happiness is:
Finding beauty. Yes, another 'buggy' post. I was outside with my dogs today and heard something stirring in the leaves, which I quickly pinpointed to be this cicada. Now, I've only ever seen a few other cicadas alive - and either they were being chewed up by Cloud (he went through a bug eating stage as a pup) or they were laying on their backs haplessly flapping their wings. So to see one walking around was new to me.
Cicadas are one of those bugs that I've always been a little freaked out by. Not the noise they make...I actually like that. But something about the way they look - the shape of the body, the eyes so far apart, the way they just sit there...I don't know. I just found them disturbing and creepy. But these days I try to look at things in a new light, without judgment or past beliefs, to just see them as they are. Admittedly some things are easier to see the beauty in than others, but now I find this cicada to be astonishingly beautiful. Look at the colors on its body, shades of green and even the oranges and golds that I love, mixed with black - perfect camouflage. The way the base and veins of its wings are bight green where they attach to the body. Were they always this pretty? What else in this world is waiting for me to discover that it's not what I thought it was?
Lovin' the journey...

30 days of happiness day 23

30 days of happiness day 23


kinnick72 said...

When the 17-year cicadas come out (which I think happens in another 6 years, if I'm counting right), they almost take your breath away. Blues and oranges... stunning!

Nikki said...

Bella would love your love of bugs!