Thursday, April 5, 2007

More work on Lobo

I've added some background color behind the forelegs of the smaller portrait to separate it from the main one. I was planning to have them "merge" together in his shoulder fur, but this looks better to me. Starting to work on the muzzle here.

Refining the sides of the muzzle and working on the details of the nose, adding strong highlights to make it look cold and wet. I also started blocking in areas of the chest. I need to finish that before I paint the collar, to make it really "sit on top of" the chest fur. More to come...


Nikki said...

Lobo is coming along very nicely! I love that he is wearing a yellow collar with a pink/red heart tag. That adds character - not that you haven't already caught his character, but it's a little extra piece! Beautiful!!


Kathleen said...

Thanks Nikki, I appreciate your comments. I agree with you on the collar and tag. The owner was debating if they should be in the painting or not, but I told him they not only added character, but showed that it was his dog. Otherwise people would think it was a painting of a wolf.